This product group will be developed in cooperation with customers to meet  their specific use and    performance.

Hot Stamping Foil for Aluminum and steels

     Foils are to be applied directly to the steels, stainless steels, and aluminum surface or even to the      prima   layered surface of steels.
     Various design images and colors are presented on the steel surface with strong resistant      performance   against chemicals.

Hot Stamping Foil and Adhesive wrapping film for magnesium board

     Magnesium material performs against fire to be used for the building Interiors. Foils are to be applied      well   to this material showing very  strong adhesiveness and resists against chemicals and     abrasion.

PET Wrapping film

     Market demands the wrapping film as the environment friendly product. This film should have UV coat      on it to show the strong resistance against scratches and chemicals.
     It will be applied to the kitchen furniture, doors and edges, substituting the PVC sheets being used on       wood, MDF, and other materials.